What To Look For When Getting A Flash Drive

What To Look For When Getting A Flash Drive

What To Look For When Getting A Flash Drive, USB Flash Drives are small, fast and efficient ways to transfer and transport your documents, play music from and also stream videos to be views on a variety of entertainment devices. They are highly portable and in most cases weighing less than an ounce.

Here we will help you make an informed decision on which drive is right for you in getting the job done.


USB technology like every other has gone through its own phases of advancement and improvements, with the newest protocol at 3.0, ten times faster than the version 2.0 and most suitable for transfer of large volumes of data between devices. As you go shopping for one, put into consideration the speed, capacity, cap design and ease of portability.


Of all the drive compared, the most sort after are the 16GB and 32GB storage capacity (since we’re moving away from the 1GB, 2GB, 4GB era, who wouldn’t go for more). And also available is the 8GB and 64GB capacity.

Below is a table on storage capacity and what can be stored in them:



Has Ability to Store
Images of 2MB each MP3 files of 4MB each 500MB MPEG1 Videos
8GB 3,800 1,900 15
16GB 7,600 3,800 30
32GB 15,000 7,600 60
64GB 30,000 15,000 120



You can also look out for the drives that have security software included in it, some software have the ability to password-protect private files, data restoration and free cloud backup services. Other features include indicator lights to know at a glance if file is done transferring, protective case, higher read and write speed.


With all its ease of usage, help and warranty should be available should you run into any problem. The best USB Drives come with a long warranty and ways to contact the makers should you need assistance.


A good USB flash drive can greatly increase your productivity and flexibility, store enough data, images, music and videos, and act as your backup solution. Here we give you the top 5 products and there makers.