How to use Twitter to promote your business

How to use twitter to promote your business

Twitter like most social networking platform is a great avenue to promote and market your business and products.

With a user base of over 7 million in Nigeria alone, Twitter users have proven to be more receptive to adverts, promos of businesses than any other social networking platform around because it was built to send users to other websites unlike other social networking platform that expect you to spend more time in them.

Problem here is, most businesses don’t know how to use this platform to achieve the possible maximum benefits that comes with Twitter.

So what are they doing wrong you may ask.

The first thing that comes to mind after registering a twitter account is to start getting followers. Some in the effort to increase the numbers of followers, start to neglect a very important issue, which is, how relevant and targeted are the users (following you) to your brand or product?

You do not want to have a large pool of followers who are not in any way interested in your brand or product. You have to build the right twitter audience because it is far better to have 100 targeted and engaged followers than 10,000 uninterested ones.

To build the right audience, this is what you should do.

  1. Create a list of names and twitter handles of your competitors in your industry or niche

The easiest way to get them is by heading to Google and use any of these search strings.

  • Best [industry/niche] blogs
  • Intitle: best blogs + [industry/niche]

Get as many promising ones as you can and write them down. Head to their website and find their twitter handle from either the follow me button on the header or footer of their homepage, about us or contact us page.

In the case you don’t find them in these 3 locations, head to Google again and search for “blog name + twitter”, if it doesn’t come up, reason may be they don’t have a twitter handle, so, move to the next one on your list and when you’ve completed the list with their twitter handles……then

  1. Find those who regularly engage with your competitors.

The best way to know who they are is by using Twitter’s Advance Search to:

  • Find people mentioning your competitors by typing their twitter handle in the “mentioning these accounts” box and click on the search button. Twitter advance search will show you all the users who have shared content with your competitors. Follow them one after the other and expect a good number of them to follow you back too.
  • In the “To these accounts” box, type your competitors handle and click search to intercept users who have started a conversation with your competitors and follow as many as you can too (twitter allows a maximum of 1000 following per day)


  1. Send traffic to your blog

After building a solid targeted followership, it is time you start promoting your brand, product or blog content and one of the most effective ways is turning your brand profile, product details or blog post content into quotes at the end of which you add a link back to your website, that should help generate retweets and lots of traffic to your site.


  1. Create content/products that help your audience solve their problems

Don’t make Sales, sales and sales the entire focus of your twitter strategy, you will never get anywhere with that approach. If you can help your audience create content that help them solve challenges, overcome fear or satisfy a need, in return they will feel the need to reciprocate.

You have to remember to always focus on your customers and you will get the desired results. Useful freebies from time to time commands gratitude and promote a lasting relationship. So how do you know what they need?

  • Become a listener of your audience on social media
  • Monitor the kind of content they engage with
  • Ask them


  1. Provide Customer Service

Monitor you twitter account for inquiry, complain, reviews or someone trying to reach out for help and make sure you provide all the right answers as at when needed. You need to constantly look for new ways to please your audience; to help them achieve their goals.

Very importantly, before you implement all these steps, be sure to have a business on ground that is built on a story your audience wants to hear. A brand or product that stands for something and people trust.