How to Protect your Computer from Hackers

How to Protect your Computer from Hackers

Before we dig dip into this subject of how ‘hackers’ get into your computers and how to protect your computer from hackers, let’s first understand who really is a hacker.

A computer hacker is any unauthorized user who exploit weaknesses in order to break into your computer system to change, steal or destroy information. They achieve this by installing malicious software (malware) through the use of the internet without your knowledge or consent.

This article will enlighten you on how to protect your computer from hackers and guard your information from their clever tactics.

How do Hackers get in

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Hackers get into your computer systems through the internet, using phishing scam, spam email or using instant messengers to monitor your chart room conversations. They can also hack directly into any system without firewall protection.

What can Hacker do to you

When hackers successfully install malware into your computer, they quietly transmit your personal info such as:

  • username and password,
  • Your credit card info

and also carry out activities such as:

  • Make purchases
  • Request for a new PIN (Personal Identification Number) on your account
  • Sell your information to others who will use it for the same harmful reasons.

You should also be cautious of meeting any “online Friend” physically.

How to know if you’ve been targeted

  • When you start finding unexplained transaction on your account. This you will know by regularly checking the accuracy of your personal accounts, credit cards, emails or documents.

How to protect your Computer from hackers

Computer virus.

  • Update your operating system regularly.
  • Use licensed antivirus with internet security
  • Don’t open and immediately delete messages your suspect to be spam
  • Avoid websites that are questionable.
  • Download software only from trusted websites

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