How to Make your PC Faster in 3 Easy Steps

How to make your pc faster in 3 easy steps

This tutorial will show you how to optimize your PC to run smoother and perform better in 3 easy steps.


  • Click on START and type RUN in the SEARCH box and hit ENTER


  • In the window that appears type %TEMP% and hit ENTER
  • This will take you to the TEMP folder where you have random files that the PC doesn’t need and is taking up space.
  • Press CTRL A to select them all and press SHIFT+DEL to delete them completely from the PC.
  • In case you get a pop-up that says “you’ll need to provide administrator permission to delete this file or folder”, just click on CONTINUE. If the pop-up says “the file is being used by ‘   ‘ program”, you either close the program or skip.



  • Click on START and type RUN in the SEARCH box again and hit ENTER
  • This time type PREFETCH in the RUN box and hit ENTER
  • Select all the files in the PREFETCH folder and press SHIFT+DEL to delete them also as the PC does not need them.



  • Type DISK CLEANUP in the START->SEARCH box and select DISK CLEANUP from the search list or you can also find it by going to ACCESSORIES–>SYSTEM TOOLS and click on it to open the window.
  • Select the PARTITION(drive) you want to cleanup from the disk selector window and click OK
  • DISK CLEANUP will then SCAN the drives and CALCULATE the amount of space that can be freed and show up the result.
  • Disk cleanup shows you the detailed categories of files that can be deleted to free up space.
  • Select all or only the one you want to delete and click OK
  • You are then requested to confirm your action to start the cleanup process. Click OK to confirm and wait for the progress bar to complete and close automatically.


After the completion of the above 3 steps, your PC should run smoother and perform better. Be kind to share this and also leave us a comment in the comment section.