5 Best Antivirus Protection for Android Smartphones

5 Best Antivirus Protection for Android Smartphones

Running Security Software on a Smartphone wasn’t much of a concern couple of years ago, but today, as the phones get smarter allowing us to use amazing features like mobile banking, social networking and managing our messages and calls, securing our smartphones have become essential with the best antivirus protection for Android Smartphones.

With a more focus on the Android operating system powered devices, this article brings you 5 Best Antivirus Protection for Android Smartphones to help secure your devices.

Best Antivirus Protection for Android Smartphones

  1. Avast mobile Security for Android

avast mobile security

First on the list of Best Antivirus Protection for Android Smartphones is the Avast Mobile security for android which come with features such as a virus scanner, virus remover, network meter, App Manager, App Lock and more. The basic software is free but an upgrade will cost you $15 a year. With the upgrade, you are protected from intruders, malwares and viruses and you can remotely operate the camera and capture who ever has your phone in the case of theft. Download and Install Avast.

  1. 360 Mobile Security

360 security

This is yet another safe bet. 360 scans your phone for virus and malware in real time and protects you from emerging virus, Trojans and Malware. It is also capable of detecting and fixing systems vulnerability, it also cleans out idle background apps to make your phone run more efficiently. It even includes a privacy advisor feature. The best part is 360 mobile security is free. Get 360 Mobile Security.


  1. Eset Mobile Security

eset mobile security

This is another capable protection for your android device. It has a free version and a paid upgrade for $20 per year. Eset include protection from viruses, malwares and phishing. You can remotely monitor your device and prevent anyone who has it from installing any app on it. It also lets you stop unwanted calls and sms. Download Eset Mobile Security.

  1. Avira Mobile Antivirus

Avira Antivirus

This application stands out because it has a tool that can tell if your email account has been hacked and what actions to take it that is the case. Avira scans new apps and update automatically. It also has the usual batch of anti-theft too and allows you to blacklist callers. In case of theft, you can pinpoint your phone’s location on a map, remotely lock it and, if need be, delete its contents. Install Avira.

  1. Bit Defender Antivirus

Bit Defender Mobile

Bit Defender is the lightest and it is free. It has two features, to scan and clean your device. It also among other things offer real-time antivirus protection which keep an eye on your phone usage and activity. The scanning is simple and only takes a few seconds to get everything done. Download and Install Bit Defender.


All the above android security apps can be downloaded and installed from the Amazon Appstore and  Google Playstore.

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