10 Places Online to Learn and Master Computer Programming

Learn to code

Technology is powering just about everything in our lives today, and there is no way that will change anytime soon, NO, not even for ever ever, as our dependence on tech to get the job done in our work place, at home and just about everywhere grows everyday.

Everything require some sort of programming and computer Programmers are the lifeline of these technological revolution and are highly sorted after with the tech industry experiencing astronomical growth.

The world is indeed in need of more Programmers.  The number of available programming jobs quadruples the number of qualified programmers to fill these jobs and there is an urgent need to get more people learning it.

The good thing is, there are tons and tons of awesome online places where you can learn and master programming easily. This article will show you 10 online websites with instant and interactive lessons that will  teach you programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, C++, C# and more, and transform you into a professionally groomed programmer.



Learn to code

Free Code Camp is an open source community that help you learn how to code through a self-paced coding challenge spanning 2,080 hours to complete the Full Stack Developer Certificate course. The courses are FREE, in return you are expected to build a series of solutions for non-profits. Students are also encouraged to pledge a monthly donations to a non-profit of their choice.

Core Courses: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Database, Git and Git Hub, Node.js, React.js and D3.js.

Website: Free Code Camp


Learn to code

Codecademy is one of the most popular website to learn code thanks to their interactive interface and well-structured courses. The learning environment in structured into three panels. The first panel explains the necessary codes and instructions, the second panel is where you write the codes as instructed in the first panel, while the third panel displays the real life preview of the codes you write.

Codecademy offer web-based interactive lessons on building dynamic websites.

Core Courses: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, PHP, Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and lots more.

Website: Codecademy


Learn to code

Codecourse pride itself as a go to place where you are taken on a journey on web development. Providing in-depth video tutorial on programming languages and their frameworks, codecourse simplifies the learning process with downloadable videos and source codes of desired courses.

If your desire is to be efficient in web development, codecourse is a good place to start.

Core Courses: PHP, Slim, Laravel, Design Patterns.

Website: Codecourse


Udemy is a marketplace where desiring Expert can join and create courses on just about anything. With over 42,000 courses in their library from tutorials on Office Productivity to Personal Development, Photography, Marketing, Lifestyle, IT and Software. Udemy is parked with tons of tutorial videos and learning materials.

Their programming courses are designed for both beginners and advance learners who want to add new skills to their resume, or explore their passion.

Core Courses: Web Development, IT & Software, Designs, Personal Development, Business, Office Productivity

Website: Udemy


Sitepoint is an online Hub where developers share their passion for tutoring and grooming newbies into professional developers. At Sitepoint, you will find lots of courses and downloadable ebooks of great benefits to your programming journey.

Membership options gives you access to their archive and new content that are added every week.

Core Courses: HTML&CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Mobile Apps Development, Design&UX, Entrepreneurship, Web Technology, Java, WordPress.

Website: Sitepoint


TreeHouse is an online technology school where learning how to code is made easy. With a library of over 1000 videos created by expert teachers on web design, coding, business, and much more for beginners and advance students. Their well structure safe-paced learning comes highly recommended. Students are access through quizzes and code challenges.

Core Courses: HTML&CSS, Designs, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, WordPress, iOS, Andriod, Python, Game Development.

Website: TeamTreehouse

Code Avengers

Learn to code

Code Avengers is where you learn from step-by-step instructions, with thousands of code challenges, videos and quizzes from expert educators and enthusiastic community. They start you up by building simple apps and website as you progress to building real-world applications.

Core Courses: HTML&CSS, JavaScript, Python, Game Development, Designs.

Website: Code Avengers

Code School

Learn to code

Code School is another great place to learn how to code. With excellent well structured learning path, you learn by getting your hands dirty. Having impacted millions of students from over 200 countries with Intuitive videos and learning materials, code school is a sure place to spend your time and resource.

Core Courses: HTML&CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, .Net, iOS, Git.

Website: Code School


Learn to code

W3Schools is one of the recommended places to start learning how to code.This website has tutorials and references covering most aspect of web programming. They presents thousands of code examples using a Try It Yourself online editor, which allow you to experiment and execute code to see what works and what doesn’t before implementing.

Course Courses: HTML&CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, JQuery, Bootstrap.

Website: W3School


Learn to code

Udacity provides a dynamic learning process through deep learning using videos, exclusive projects and feedbacks from industry experts who teach you the foundation of future shaping technology. With support from industry giants like, google, facebook, AT&T, Cloudera, etc, they offer nanodegree programs and credentials designed to transform you into a professional web developer, data analyst, mobile developers among others.

Core Courses: Web Development, Andriod, Data Science, iOS, Software Engineering, VR Development, Artificial Inteligence.

Website: Udacity

Notable mentions include: Coursera, Tutorials Point, Learn Code the Hard Way, How to Code and lot more

Join any of the above options, learn to code and help build the future.